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Four cases when you gain benefits from our services

Choose your one.

You need a ready-to-go mobile app or website
You need a ready-to-go mobile app or website

 We’ll design and develop your app so that you can start reaching your goals immediately after you go to market.
You can also rely on our support and help for your app’s future growth.
Let’s get in touch to discuss the details!

You have a startup and need marketing or IT consulting
You have a startup and need marketing or IT consulting

  Would you like to attract more leads, improve UX, UI, or user retention?
Do you need a scalable product with custom business logic, a bespoke blockchain solution, or a smart contract for your token?
We can assist you with this and much more.

You have legacy software and need to upgrade or replace it
You have legacy software and need to upgrade or replace it

  Is your existing application, website or mobile app out of date and in need of visual, performance, or other improvements?
Maybe it is already down and needs critical updates or recovery from scratch?
We can help you resolve these issues!



Pay for the tangible
outcomes, not for man/hours


Our business-oriented approach allows you to create what you really need avoiding redundant expenses on low-value features


Mature development process that allows to deliver the predictable results


Up to a 12 month guarantee for all our deliverables


Further support and maintenance from our development team


Cloud-based IT technologies such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud save your costs on the server-side infrastructure

Does it make sense to invest into a new business in a highly competative market?

  • Competitors research
  • Customer research
  • User journey research
  • Customer value proposition
  • Idea validation
  • Proof of concept
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Wish list mobile app

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Rapid Trade

Blockchain trading web app

When success is determined by mixture of well-considered user experience and emerging technology

    • UI/UX design
    • Product prototyping
    • AWS-based solution design
    • Smart contracts development
    • Integration with BTC and ETH
    • Support & maintenance

When the product is so complex and expensive that the only way to launch it is to split it into MVP and futher deliverables.

  • Competitor technical analysis
  • Proof of concept
  • Software requirements specification
  • AWS-based solution design
  • Minimum viable product (MVP) development
  • Further development & support
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MVP of a complex FinTech business



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What is a mobile app?

The questions we’re most commonly asked

  • Who are the key people on your team?

    Our CEO is Dmitry Khanevich, who has almost 20 years of experience in software development.
    Dmitry is a passionate leader with great technical and management skills. He has an MBA degree. He’s a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.
    Our COO / HRD is Natalia Khanevich. Natalia is a certified career consultant and coach. She manages the recruiting and HR processes at the company. Her total experience in IT is more than 7 years.
    Check out our «About Us» page if you want to get more information about our leadership board.

  • How much experience do you have?

    Our agency has been working since 2008. From the get-go, we've focused on helping our employees grow and improve their professional skills. We believe that our recruiting process and employee-centric approach of doing business are the key factors to our customers' satisfaction.
    Nowadays, our experts have more than five years of experience on average.
    We have delivered dozens of projects for our clients all over the world.

  • Where is your team located?

    Our main office is located in Minsk, Belarus. Due to COVID-19, we made a strategic decision to switch to remote employment. Nowadays, our team members are located all around the world, but most of them are from Belarus.

  • How much do your services cost?

    The cost of our services depends on your project requirements. Specifying the project requirements is one of the most important parts of our development process. Having them clear for all project stakeholders increases the success rate to almost 100%. To specify all requirements in a clear way, we stick to the best engineering standards, such as IEEE 830. After going over the requirements, we can create a plan and estimate your budget.
    Do you want us to estimate the cost for your project? Use this e-form to contact us.

  • Where can I read reviews about your previous work?

    You can read feedback about us on and

  • How will you handle communication with me?

    We dedicate a project manager to be your primary contact point. Our CEO Dmitry Khanevich is also always in touch with our clients. Being open and transparent to the clients are one of our key team values. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that your feedback will be considered.

  • Сan you help with digital marketing services for my project?

    Yes, we can. We have a special team that provides SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM. Do you want to know more about our digital marketing services or get an estimate on the cost of your project? Use this e-form to contact us.

  • How do you guarantee the quality of your work results?

    Our QA team controls the quality of our deliverables at every stage of the project development lifecycle. Our cost also includes at least a 6-month guarantee. Any defect found by a client during the guarantee period will be resolved and delivered by the team at its own expense.

  • I have an idea or need. Where should I start?

    Your first step depends on the type of project. If you have an idea for a startup, we recommend starting from market validation and designing a minimum viable product (MVP). If you have an existing business and you want to transform some of your business processes, we recommend that you specify your business requirements in clear written form. If you need help with this, our seasoned experts are ready to provide you with consulting.

  • How do you protect my intellectual property?

    To protect your intellectual property, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement. It is a legal contract between you and our team that outlines confidential material, knowledge, or information that you’d like to restrict access to. Having confidentiality in writing and a signed agreement between us grants trust and deters potential thefts of your intellectual property. We also sign similar agreements with our employees.

  • What’s your software development process?

    The software development process depends on the project you’re going to develop. There is no one-size-fits-all answer here because every project has its own circumstances. Based on our experience, the projects that have clear and unambiguous business requirements have a higher success ratio. To achieve this, we recommend our clients pass business analysis, wireframing, and scoping stages first. Having them done and clear for all stakeholders is a key factor that helps provide predictable deliverables.

  • Which programming technologies do you use?

    We use cloud-based technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and SalesForce Heroku. The cloud platforms provide great programming tools that allow us to achieve maximum efficiency during development and further support. Besides, you can get the benefit of paying as you go, which is very useful if you are a startup.
    As for programming languages and frameworks, we use Javascript technologies such as ReactJs, Redux, Unistore, NodeJs, Serverless, and others.

  • Do you provide further support and maintenance?

    We aim to support our clients at every stage of the project lifecycle, including support and maintenance. Do you need more details? Use this e-form to contact us.

  • Can you take over my existing project?

    Yes, we can take over your project. For years, we’ve been providing our clients with services such as legacy software modernization and project rescue. If you already have a project that requires revamping or rescuing, you can contact us using our e-form. We will study your project codebase and infrastructure and give you advice about the required steps.


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