UX/UI design services

Want to get an incredible UI/UX design for your app or website, that will meet all your and your users’ requirements? At Omertex, we find the best solution for you, to define the success of your product and be in trend.Design is “a packaging of your digital product” that should attract and be user-friendly. Every detail matters!

Technologies used for visual and ux design in Omertex

Our extensive technology competencies allow us to deliver a top-notch software product tailored to your specific business needs in every stage of development.

User Experience design (UX)
Adobe XD, Invision, Sketch, Figma, Axure
Graphic design (UI)
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch
Animation & infrastructure
Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects

The process of UX/UI design

Market research & Discussion with the client

Before the whole process starts, it’s important for us to do research to know all the needs and requirements of the market. Another step is to talk with the client to understand his goals, needs, and expectations about the result.

Create a plan for the project

According to our research and meeting with the client, we prepare a plan of the future project that will help us to see it in advance and foresee some issues and challenges we could face with. Moreover, plan creation will allow for the optimal arrangement of the product structure, so that everything that is crucial for the client is always at hand, intuitive and convenient.

UX (User Experience)

· Analyze your competitors

· Creation of a customer journey map

· Prototyping

· Analysis

· Iterate

UI (User Interface)

UX documentation development, and at this stage we create all of the graphic elements. The result is a ready website or app mockups.

Testing and analyzing

We always care about our clients, so it’s one of the most important stages - to check the ready projects and improve all the points of the product. And the result of this stage is a ready solution, that meets all the requirements of our clients.

Monitoring of the ready product

The product is ready and works already, but the process is not ended yet! Now, that’s the high time to analyze the whole statistics and feedbacks, that allow us to determine if the original assumptions are correct. This stage is needed to improve the final product to meet all the client’s and users’ needs and expectations.

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