Application Modernization Services

Our application enhancement services will let you overcome pressing business issues related to your legacy software by improving its quality and scalability

Legacy software modernization services

  • Advanced modernization solutions powered by the latest technologies and tools

  • Individual approach with a full focus on your specific business

  • Dozens of saved companies that managed to stay afloat and increase sales

Breathe new life into your legacy solutions

As your business is continuously evolving, your software should not slow it down. App modernization will bring you the benefits that will change the situation!


Better scalability

Legacy app reengineering or migration to the cloud will help you to take the scalability of your software to a completely new level and allows your business to go to new heights.


Speed-up performance

Poor performance has no right to push you behind your competitors. We will do our best to ensure advanced operational efficiency, productivity and excellent speed.


Higher quality level

Let users enjoy really engaging and top-notch interaction with your app. The software modernized by our team will provide an enhanced digital experience.


Lower infrastructure costs

It can be too expensive to support legacy software. With the right modernization approach, you will be able to allocate funds released from cuts of infrastructure costs for other needs.


Improved UI&UX

How your app looks and feels is of crucial importance today. The cutting-edge technologies let us create breathtaking UI&UX designs that go far beyond users’ expectations.


Effortless maintainability

Thanks to the modernization and implementation of innovative solutions, you can significantly reduce your expenses, time and efforts on the maintenance of your software.

Want to revitalize your legacy systems?

No problem! Our experts will deeply analyze your case and offer the most feasible and efficient solution.

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Software modernization services we offer

If you see that your software looks and feels obsolete, is too slow or doesn’t cope with your growing client base, it doesn’t mean that there is a necessity to build a new product from scratch. We are here to deal with your pains and transform them into gains.

Modernization consulting

Regardless of the problems with your legacy software, our experts can help you to understand their nature and tackle them. Before offering a good way-out and developing a modernization roadmap for your business, we conduct a thorough software audit, test your app, study your legacy code, database, architecture and detect the weak points.

App reengineering

Software reengineering presupposes that the modules of the legacy system will be step-by-step replaced with new ones that will be developed in accordance with all modern standards and industry requirements. Such measures will help to improve the efficiency of your software and make it more adaptive to your up-to-date business conditions and demands.

Cloud migration

Our professionals will ensure seamless migration of your business solutions, apps and data to the most reliable cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Heroku. Migration to the cloud will help you to enjoy unlimited scalability, flexibility and higher computing power. Also, it can become the best way for you to cut down maintenance costs.

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