Application modernization

Legacy software modernization allows you to expand your business’ geographical reach and attract new customers. Omertex offers a wide range of application enhancement services that let you solve current issues and help you take new market opportunities. Our vast field of expertise includes:

  • · adding new features,
  • · improving visual design,
  • · cloud migration and;
  • · fixing bugs and source code optimization of your software application.
Cloud migration / Migration to cloud
Relocation of your legacy data, applications, and workloads to a cloud infrastructure. Gain flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiencies to innovate faster and increase market opportunities by moving to cloud.
Adding a new feature
Adding a new feature is an easy task when you follow simple principles and requirements. If you’re searching for a software development company that can review and revamp legacy software that is not supported by a vendor anymore, consider Omertex as a technical partner for your business.
Design improvement / UX/UI Update
Using outdated UX/UI designs can easily lead to excessive operating expenses or even reduce your market position and opportunities. In such cases, you can approach us at Omertex for a full UX/UI review of your software and get our consultation and expertise on how to improve it.
Application Remediation
Enhancement of your applications’ functionality, making them up-to-date, and providing the support you need to mitigate risks and keep your business running at high performance.

Complete lifecycle coverage

At Omertex, we take your vision and build a state of the art application from the ground up. Our team of business analysts and software engineers will devise a complete product strategy and deliver a product that meets your unique requirements


Our extensive technology competencies allow us to deliver a top-notch software product tailored to your specific business needs in every stage of development.


Node.js, .Net Core, Python + Django


Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Docker


MySQL, SQL Server, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL


Angular, Bootstrap, React, jQuery

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