What we do

Fintech solutions, mobile and web development services

Our seasoned developers deliver one-of-a-kind solutions tailored to serve your business needs.

Custom software development

At Omertex we deliver one-of-a-kind applications, tailored to serve your business needs. Covering a full spectrum of services, from project assessment to maintenance and support, we ensure exceptional quality throughout the entire development process.

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Mobile app development

Our company specializes in end-to-end mobile development for both consumer and enterprise environments. With an app from Omertex, you receive the finest mobile solution that is easy to use and efficient for external and internal users. Our primary focus is superb quality.

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Web development

Can’t find an existing solution available on the market that meets your business needs? Here at Omertex we provide fully custom end-to-end web application development services. From design and development to optimization and enhancement.

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Software development for SME

If you’re an owner of a small but growing company and looking for solutions to get things organized, you may discover that it’s rather hard to find ready-to-go CMS, mobile app, desktop or web services that match your needs perfectly. Don’t get frustrated! Custom software is no longer an unattainable dream for SME’s. At Omertex, we know how to make your software and IT investments effective and start bringing you revenue from the very first days after launch.

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Legacy Application Enhancement

We will help your business bring your current IT environment up to date by re-designing, enhancing and upgrading systems that are outdated and inefficient. We provide migration services, technical architecture review and complete application refinement.

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Startup software development

Through Omertex you will find a technical partner that possess a wide array of expertise including: business analysts, designers, software engineers and quality assurance specialists. We really engage with you in your project to help shape the idea, implement it and deploy it in a new market product or a service quickly.

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