Property Valuation Platform

A web service that allows you to conduct property & real assets valuations and property risk surveys.


The Mirfin web application helps companies and individuals evaluate property and receive corresponding reports according to SA legislation to be presented to various organizations and institutions.

The services being provided via the app allow users to get the following reports:

  • property market price valuation, where the property is assessed immediately before the transaction;
  • risk assessment (risk surveys) covering all risk aspects of a property such as state of maintenance, security, electrical compliance, fire protection, lightning protection, gas installations, and natural hazards;
  • building insurance valuation;
  • life-cycle cost analysis, a 10-year forecast of maintenance, repair, and replacement costs, as well as a corresponding reserve fund forecast and contribution schedule and other services.

The project coordinates the interaction of administrators, contractors, sub-contractors, and customers.

The application came to us partially ready, but the technologies used were obsolete by that time. Therefore, the first task for our team was to transfer the application to more modern technologies.

The second challenge was to improve user UI / UX. For this, part of the project was redesigned and set off to a standalone application.

We also implemented many new features and significantly improved the security of the user's personal data.

Well-established processes, regular deliveries, and focus on results help us to achieve our client’s goals every day and find the best solutions to improve the quality of the app’s customer service.

Collaboration in numbers


$200 000 - $300 000

Periods of engagement

Mar 2016 - ongoing

Team size


Client’s location

Germany, South Africa

About the customer

Our client, Property Valuation Company (Pty) Ltd, is a South African company. The country’s legislation is arranged in such a way that each individual owner is obliged to conduct his property valuation at certain intervals and each body corporate must obtain a replacement valuation of all buildings and improvements that it must insure at least every three years.
Mirfin's goal is to ease the time-consuming assessment process in order to help companies and individuals get their calculations and statutory reports.

What our customer expected to get:

  • A web application capable of performing accurate calculations based on customer’s data provided online
  • A software that would allow them to integrate valuers and sub-contractors with the customers in order to facilitate and simplify the communications and the process of obtaining an assessment
  • Legally compliant web application

The platform should have the following functions:

  • Admin dashboard to manage the users’ permissions and app settings
  • A website to provide access to services for users
  • Notify administrators, contractors / subcontractors, and users via email about the progress of the assessment
  • Generate various PDF reports
  • Dashboard for customers allowing them to make calculations in real time
  • Different tables for calculating the cost

Project objectives

  • Increase the performance of the legacy app
  • Improve poor solution design
  • Overcome various compatibility and integration issues
  • Add new features
  • Ensure the ability of the application to perform complex calculations
  • Address security and penetration issues
  • Meet strict deadlines
  • Ensure minimal costs of development and maintenance


First, we have to migrate the app to up-to-date technology. We chose Angular4 as the newest framework. This made it possible to increase the speed of development, speed up performance, expand the possibilities for improving the application, and improve compatibility with browsers.

The next step was to improve the quality of the product. We have expanded the QA team that allowed us to more densely cover the product with tests and provide the project with the necessary documentation; the latter is needed to increase the speed of development. Having done that we could implement more complex and large-scale tasks.

One of these tasks was to redo the customer dashboard. We set it off to a separate application with a more pleasant UI and meaningful user flow. As the outcome, we improved the app performance and increased user data security.

In seeking to raise the quality of the product, we re-engineered our internal processes. Having made them more efficient, we could achieve continuous delivery of high-quality versions of the application.

As an outcome of well-coordinated work, we created an excellent product that allowed the client to seize market opportunity, increase sales, reduce operational costs, and thus increase business profitability

Technologies applied

To fulfill all the set tasks, we used the following techs.


Typescript, Angular 5, RxJs,, lodash, moment, umbraco


С# , .NET4.5 , MSSQL Server, automapper, Internet Information Services (IIS), Apache, MS Test,, Entity Framework

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