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Check out the total amount of transactions between all blockchains on one dashboard.


The platform had to be developed for Games of Zones, a series of adversarial testnet challenges designed to prepare the Cosmos ecosystem for the upcoming launch of the IBC module, prepared by the Cosmos.Network team.

According to the plan, the customer approached us with it was needed to:

  • create project architecture;
  • design and implement data models;
  • develop services that listen to transactions from all registered zones and parse them;
  • develop services that, according to certain rules, determine the types of transactions, identify whether they are cross-chain, and update the data statistics;
  • develop an API for a website that displays analytical data in a user-friendly graphical interface.

The product was successfully demonstrated at the event and received high marks from experts. It is now at the stage of receiving grants for further development.

Collaboration in numbers


$20 000

Periods of engagement

2 months

Team size


Client’s location


About the customer

The client is a startup company from the USA, focusing on projects for the Decentralized finance (DeFi) industry.


The main problem in this project was the requirement to process a large number of transactions per second. The data in the form of transactions came simultaneously from a large number of zones (over 150).

It was required to make up a solution that would be able to capture and process around 10,000 transactions per second. For this purpose, we used the microservice architecture approaches, where each service was presented by a node performing its own narrow task.

RabbitMQ was used to ensure high speed of execution, preservation and adherence to the order of transactions execution.

For saving analytical data we used PostgreSQL. For rapid deployment of API, it was decided to use GraphQL, namely, its implementation on the basis of Hasura GraphQL Server.

In order to identify the transaction cross-chain, we used the IBC (interchain communication) protocol developed by the Tendermint team.

As the main programming language for services Golang was used.

Technologies applied

To fulfill all the set tasks, we used the following techs.


ReactJs, Redux, Apollo Client


Golang, Cosmos SDK, PostgreSQL, Hasura GraphQL



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