Private Mobile Banking app

(real commercial name of the project cannot be revealed due to NDA)

The last generation of mobile banking apps


The mobile banking application allows private and corporate consumers to perform most financial and banking transactions simply and reliably via iOS and Android devices. The app is available on the Appstore and PlayMarket.

It allows bank clients to open multiple instant European IBAN accounts. It also provides access to streamlined tools for sending, receiving, and managing funds in multicurrency and cross-border with the ease of a swipe or a tap in a friendly mobile app.

The application is part of the banking core software system that leading international banks rely on. It is designed to meet the challenges of the modern financial environment and to be compatible with strong financial IT infrastructure. It combines its great mobile application design with long expertise and deep resources for financial integrity, all while providing an outstanding level of security and performance.

The application allows users to perform financial operations for companies and enterprises using mobile digital signature - a tool for verifying customer identity online which has the same legal effect as an ordinary handwritten signature. The technology is based on a secure cryptographic module and a digital certificate protected by a PIN code. The application’s users do not have to take time out of their day to visit a bank - the service is purely digital.

The mobile application supports the following operating systems: Android 6.0 and higher, iOS 10.3.3 and higher.

Collaboration in numbers


$70 000 - $100 000

Periods of engagement

Sept 2017 - Nov 2018

Team size


Client’s location

Somewhere in EU

About the customer

The customer is a European Union bank that approached us with the task of building a mobile banking app that allowed financial and banking transactions for both corporate and private clients. The app should be integrated with the bank core system via API.

What our customer expected to get:

  • Astounding UI design with equal user experience for both Android and iOS
  • Support of different user roles and the ability to manage the features differently
  • Available for private and corporate clients, including different types of corporateuser roles (CEO, bookkeeper, financial managers etc.)

The main features of the application include:

  • Instant access to balance information
  • Multicurrency and cross-border payments
  • Secure access from multiple devices
  • The ability to have multiple accounts within the single application
  • Other capabilities performed in a user friendly and visually comfortable one-touch manner

Project objectives

  • Form a common vision with the clients’ team regarding the project objectives and outcomes
  • Conduct deep business analysis in order to define if there are conflicts between functional and non-functional requirements
  • Specify latency requirements and ensure further scalability of the app
  • Design UX user flow
  • Implement the same UI across Android and iOS devices
  • Fit the UI with UX to ensure the consistency of user flow across all types of user roles

* We don’t consider API connection tasks or the security requirements implementation to be set off as a challenge or a noteworthy objective for any mobile banking app since the requirements to API connection and security implementation are similar across banking institutions globally.


Business analysis

We applied the hybrid iterative approach to the software’s development life cycle. We ensured the quality and coordination by developing series of consistent and tightly interrelated software specifications performed in several iterations.

We made development clear and predictable using traditional project management techniques and a Kanban board to monitor the progress. Our customer constantly sent us change requests to make the solution even better, and timeframes remained short.

The business analysis was performed in close cooperation with the UI/UX designer to achieve the highest possible level of usability, automated inputs, and compatibility with the user guidelines. The set of prototypes were presented to ensure that the approach was accepted.

Solution architecture

The solution architecture was designed to ensure fast and reliable way to add new features with minimal terms and budget with no changes to already existing functionality. The highly capable and flexible data model were applied.

UX/UI implementation

Multiple non-standard custom UI elements and animations had to be compatible with the user guidelines of iOS and Android platforms and budget constraints. We are proud we solved this task.

Technologies applied

To fulfill all the set tasks, we used the following techs.


Java SE, Kotlin, RxJava2, Clean architecture, Room, Android Support Libraries, Retorfit2


Swift , Viper+ architecture, Elliptic curve encryption

IOS libraries:


pod 'Alamofire'

#Data mapping

pod 'ObjectMapper'pod 'AlamofireObjectMapper'


pod 'RealmSwift'


pod 'KeychainAccess'


pod 'Fabric'pod 'Crashlytics'


pod 'GooglePlaces'


pod 'SwiftLint'


pod 'SVProgressHUD'pod 'lottie-ios'pod 'InputMask'pod 'Hero'


pod 'LightRoute'

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