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A blockchain startup that disrupts radio advertising industry


MediaFM is a complex blockchain-based platform comprising several apps and allowing users to sell their time listening to the ads on a radio channel, and providing advertisers with the ability to track their investments, transparently and with high accuracy.

One of the problems in the radio advertising industry is that it is impossible to collect as precise data about ad investments as we can do this in the internet advertisement.

The idea was to build a blockchain-based platform allowing advertisers to monitor the effectiveness of their advertisement on the air of various FM stations in real-time. MediaFM team approached us for a consultation. They needed a proof of concept on that stage of the project.

We collected initial information, conducted research and validated the concept.

The usage of Blockchain in this project allows solving the following tasks:

  • get reliable and fault-tolerant storage of transactions created by system members;
  • protect records from being changed retroactively;
  • store instant transactions and user balance status records;
  • Provide transparency. System participants have access to the history of transactions within a blockage and thus can monitor the system.

The client asked us to design and build a blockchain app.

Collaboration in numbers


$40 000 - $60 000

Periods of engagement

October 2019 - February 2020

Team size


Client’s location


About the customer

The client owns a network of FM radio stations and is well aware of the problems of the radio advertising business. His idea was to create an innovative product (a system of several products) that was supposed to completely change this segment of the advertising market.


In order to launch quickly, it was decided to use the ready-made blockchain consensus from Tendermint, as well as its extension Cosmos SDK. Our team modified the existing solution by introducing new rules and new types of transactions. Due to the specifics of business requirements, we had to significantly rewrite the internal logic of some ready-made Cosmos SDK modules. The native language of Tendermint, Golang, was used as the development language.

We have created our own internal token to engage and motivate the audience. Now listeners can earn tokens by listening to advertisements from advertisers or passing various surveys. Earned tokens can be used to get discounts from advertisers and their partners.

The product development consisted of three stages:

  1. Our technical team offered a technical solution and developed Proof of Concept.
  2. A team of analysts developed the SRS (software requirements specification).
  3. After the approval, the development team successfully implemented and delivered the solution to the client's servers.

Technologies applied

To fulfill all the set tasks, we used the following techs.


Cosmos SDK, Golang



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