Omertex has been providing mobile app development services globally to customers for the last 9 years. Deep experience our mobile team achieved within creating and delivering a significant number of mobile applications helps us to foresee and suggest the most cost effective solutions to make every new mobile app rapid, user friendly, secure and of course having attractive design. Omertex specializes in providing mobile app development services for small and medium enterprises and startups who needs firstly up-to-date Fin-Tech solutions to be implemented in the mobile apps. Having deep experience in developing native mobile applications for the most popular and major iOS and Android mobile platforms we can also deliver cross-platform mobile applications when such kind of apps fits better our customers’ business needs.

Why does it make sense to consider a mobile app development?

Mobile takes up over


of global web searches


of mobile phone time is spent on apps


mobile searches lead to action


Here at Omertex we don’t just focus on a single platform or technology, but rather we strive to provide our customers with a perfect fusion of technological expertise and industry-specific experience. Our clients come to us with a business challenge and we develop the most cost-efficient and refined solution to it.


mobile app development

Choosing native mobile app development services make sense in case your customers care a lot about user experience and design or when the highest level of productivity and performance possible is the key factor for market success.


mobile app development

Cross-platform mobile app development approach has its benefits in many business cases. Opting for cross-platform development more probably will give you time to the market advantages along with lower development costs compared with native one.


mobile app development

Hybrid mobile app development is a unification of native and cross platform approaches. If a hybrid app is well written for the appropriate cases its UI and behavior is difficult to distinguish from a native or cross-platform one. However hybrid development approach is not so popular due to its compexity.


With an app from Omertex, you receive the finest mobile solution that is easy to use and efficient for external and internal users. Our primary focus is superb quality.


Through utilizing a variety of APIs, industry’s top data connectors and communication protocols, Omertex delivers mobility solutions that are fully capable of connecting to your already existing IT environment.
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We introduce vast scaling capabilities to our products at the early stages of development, allowing your business to quickly and easily expand and augment application for maximum value in the future.

Security & Compliance

Regardless of the project type, it would still require a set of security and compliance considerations. And at Omertex we incorporate only highest security standards in our development process and follow the best guidelines known to the industry.

Rapid Development

Shortening lifecycles and reducing time to market can be imperative in today’s environment. That is why we strive to quickly accommodate any alterations in the user demand and provide accelerated product launch, while maintaining first-class quality of the application.


With a broad array of technical assets available to us and your groundbreaking idea we can deliver a stellar one-of-a-kind application that will put your business on the mobile forefront or revive an already existing product.

Technology Consulting

Our engineers are veterans in the field of mobile development and their expertise enables us to offer various consulting services to our clients. From the proof of concept to prototyping and code review, Omertex can guide your business towards the ultimate mobile solution.

UI/UX Design

When it comes to user-centered design processes, we at Omertex take an absolutely transparent approach. Our goal is to deliver functional and aesthetically pleasing interface together with engaging user experience.

Third-Party Software Integration

From planning the most effective integration approach to tier 2 and 3 technical support, our company will lead you throughout the entire integration process and help you achieve a completely interconnected environment maximizing the value of your existing software assets.

Legacy Upgrade

We help our clients to bring new life into their existing IT infrastructure through redesigning and upgrading outdated applications. Omertex will optimize your legacy mobile systems and convert them into a next-gen application.

Delivery to market

Here at Omertex we assist our clients in full-cycle mobile development, including market deployment. Whether you want your application to succeed on Apple Store or Google Play, our team of business consultants will provide you with all help necessary.


What kind of application do you have in mind?

Mobile Commerce


Accounting Systems

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Workflow and Asset Management

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Mobile Banking


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