Small and medium enterprises software development

At Omertex, we cover the full spectrum of software development services, from consultation on corporate workflow improvements to full-cycle enterprise-grade software development and implementation.

Custom enterprise solutions

Our company offers development of an end-to-end technological solution that no existing out-of-the-box application can support. At Omertex, we offer our clients fully custom enterprise-grade solutions specifically tailored to their workflow. Our business analysts will translate your needs into technological requirements and coordinate the development process with you throughout the prototyping and wireframing process.

Our Areas of Expertise

Combining years of experience with business analysis and architecture design skills, Omertex delivers digital transformation that empowers businesses.

Application Development

We build large-scale web-based apps with ROI and business value at the very core of the entire development process, while also ensuring seamless integration with the existing IT infrastructure.

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Application Development

At Omertex, we provide your external and internal users with slick, user-friendly, and seamless mobile solutions that are built to add value to your business.

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Finding balance between tech expertise and domain knowledge

Here at Omertex, we don’t just focus on a single platform or technology, we strive to provide our customers with a perfect fusion of technological expertise and industry-specific experience. Our clients come to us with a business challenge and we develop the most cost-efficient and refined solution to it.

High Scalability
Our solutions are built to facilitate your existing IT environment and enhance your business workflow. We deliver custom software that can be easily connected to multiple data sources, applications and integrated with third-party web services, data feeds and payment systems.
Risk Reduction
The real first-class software doesn’t just rely on exceptional user experience and high performance. A well-thought-out architectural design with technical risk reduction ensures that the whole system is easy to maintain and can be efficiently enhanced over time.

Why choose Omertex?


In-depth IT expertise

Launched in 2008, Omertex has a team of highly qualified IT professionals. Every member is an expert in their specific field, be it a software engineer, business analyst, or QA specialist.


Versatile domain knowledge

Our portfolio includes projects for various domains with prime focus on FinTech. We have the necessary competences to take on projects for finance, banking, travel, e-commerce, etc.


Customer-centric approach

Omertex is always on the customer’s side, especially when it comes to timeline and budget planning. We stringently stick to your every requirement while being flexible when changes arise along the way.

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