Custom software development services

At Omertex we deliver one-of-a-kind applications, tailored to serve your business needs. Covering a full spectrum of services, from project assessment to maintenance and support, we ensure exceptional quality throughout the entire development process

Custom development
Whether it is a startup idea or a unique enterprise-grade application, you can count on Omertex to deliver outstanding results. With our strong domain knowledge, deep technology expertise and absolute customer focus, we develop software solutions that drive business success.
Legacy application enhancement
We will help your business bring your current IT environment up to date by re-designing, enhancing and upgrading systems that are no longer efficient or outdated. We provide migration services, technical architecture review as well as complete application refinement.
Third-party software integration
Through our in-depth expertise of modern platforms, proprietary and open source products, we provide our clients with third-party software customization and integration. With Omertex at your side, you will receive a completely unified IT ecosystem with flawless performance.
UI/UX Design & Prototyping
Having years of experience in the field of custom software development, Omertex has a comprehensive understanding of aligning business goals with end-user expectations. Our team utilizes best industry practices in order to combine advanced functionality with usability.

Complete lifecycle coverage

At Omertex we take your vision and build a state-of-the-art application from the ground up. Our team of business analysts and software engineers will devise a complete product strategy and deliver a product that meets your unique requirements.

Why consider a custom software solution

Complex business requirements

You’ve done a full market research and no Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software that meets your particular requirements is available on the market. But you have a clear picture of how the system should look and function. Then custom software development is your option.

Full control & flexibility

Custom software development gives you full control over your software’s back-end. Besides that, you can quickly react to any changes in the market and adjust the system’s functionality accordingly in both the development and post-release stages.

Cost benefits

Customization of COTS software can become costly. In addition to that there are numerous examples of enterprise software that cannot be properly integrated with various applications that you might use. By getting custom solution you will save time and resources on endless customizations and purchase of integrable applications.

Why choose Omertex?


Our core values are trust and partnership. Transparency enables both sides to see our progress and allows for effective communication.

Flexible approach

We follow an agile methodology that allows us to quickly adapt to any arising challenges, maintain work balance and avoid common traps.


It’s not just a buzzword to us. Through understanding of each individual team member skill set we are able to deliver maximum value to our clients.


Over our entire life as a company, we’ve been building up a knowledge base and have absorbed the best approaches to achieve maximum performance.

Exceptional quality

At Omertex, we have a dedicated QA team to ensure that our solutions meet project requirements on every stage of the life cycle.

IP protection & security

Security and intellectual property protection are crucial to us and we are fully committed to securing business processes from end to end.

Ready to get your idea rolling?​

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