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Pendex Gym.

A unique complex of AI-powered training machines. 


Pendex training machines are a unique complex of 12 simulators that train humans better than humans train humans. Analyzing exercises, they reveal weak parts of the body and develop individual training programs based on the information they gather during these exercises.


Each Pendex® machine is equipped with advanced, very precise motion and force sensors that track all user movements in real time and submit the data to Pendex Gym — the heart of Pendex simulators.


In real time, Pendex Gym receives up to 300 biometric measurements each second from each of the Pendex machines distributed all over the world, processing the data collected and then displaying recommendations on how to perform the exercises in the most effective way.


Collecting and processing the data from hundreds of Pendex simulators distributed across the world is possible thanks to the comprehensive Pendex Gym platform, which includes artificial intelligence as a part of the entire system.

pendex gym 01
pendex gym 02

Pendex Gym was created to provide control of the whole training process and its results to the people who work out on the exercise machines and those who maintain the process – the gym’s staff. Originally, the project began to be developed by another company, but they were unable to bring the project to completion. At Omertex, we took over and successfully brought all of the elements into the integrity software platform.

The platform includes several standalone software applications:

  • Android app embedded into the exercise machines;
  • customer mobile app available via Google Play;
  • mobile app for gym’s staff;
  • web service for managing; and
  • TV app for motivation.
pendex gym 03

All of these apps comprise a comprehensive infrastructure. With its help, it’s possible to organise a training process correctly with the minimum amount of steps to reach patients’ goals and a maximum level of satisfaction from using the platform.

Collaboration in numbers


$10,000 to $50,000

Team size :

3 People

Periods of engagement:

Oct 2018 – ongoing

Client’s location:



Our customer, Blum Eugene, M.D., Ph.D., professor, and honored inventor of Russia, has two clinics: one in Marbella, Spain and another in Moscow, Russia. There, using his own methods and techniques of recovery, professional sportsmen with trauma, patients with serious injuries of the musculoskeletal system, and those who want to improve weak health are healed and rehabilitated. Dr. Blum believes that only the creation of an individual «golden formula» can guarantee a personalized treatment of every person and their specific disease.

What our customer expected to get:

The prime wish of our client was to get the platform restored (considering the fact that the first version of the platform was created by another company)

The features:

Therapy method selection which includes choosing the right individual training scheme

Training process management

Training history management

Tracking patients’ results and achievements

Project objectives

  • conduct a full code review
  • find and fix weaknesses found in testing
  • review business flows and modify the code
  • add new features
  • improve poor solution design
  • ensure minimal costs of development and maintenance


To restore the platform, it was necessary to restore the system functioning from scratch and set up devops procedures while dealing with complicated program code without any documentation. Having successfully accomplished all of these tasks, we started working on providing stable work of all services and adding new functionality, as requested by patients and sportsmen.

The task
  • restored the system functioning on local machines
  • restored documentation of the deployment administration configuration and administration guides
  • determined the amount of labor required to ensure the stable operation of the platform
  • prepared recommendations for further stabilizations of the platform applications
  • agreed on the priority of work with regard for primary business needs
  • manage a close-knit work of training gyms in different countries
  • changed mathematical formulas used for calculating and choosing the right therapy method for each patient
  • optimized functioning of the platform



Ruby on Rails



Serverless Framework, Node.js, Postgre SQL, typescript



Android support library, dagger 2, pushlink, eventbus, lottie, room, lifecycle, kotlin, rxjava2, retrofit2



Amazon Web Services (AWS)


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