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Mobile banking app

Project:     Mobile application

Industry:    Banking

This mobile banking app was developed to serve both corporate and private сlients of the bank. Astounding UI and UX design across iOS and Android phones, supporting of different user roles and ability to manage the features differently are the main advantages of this app.

MirFin - Property Valuation

Project:      Web application

Industry:     FinTech / Real estate

MirFin Valuation Services (MVS) provides a wide range of independent property and content valuation services in South Africa, including market price and replacement cost valuations.

Kinsfin - Financial Analytics & Budgeting​

Project:      Web application

Industry:     FinTech / Personal financial management

Kinsfin is a startup company, which finds its mission in helping American families get rid of debt faster & pay less in interest payments, and manage their bills & budgets. The essential concept behind the company is boosting customers’ financial solidity via ...

NuMo Send - P2P Transactions

Project:      Mobile application

Industry:     FinTech / Personal financial management

NuMo Send is the next step in revolutionizing peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. It has been designed to focus on your life. The beautiful, official-guides-driven UX and UI is perfect for any modern Android and iOS device.

Secure Bill Pay

Project:      Mobile application

Industry:     FinTech / Payments & Transfers

Secure Bill Pay has evolved from its initial online bill payment option, to offer comprehensive tools that facilitate increased patient pay, improve the payment process for patients and providers in health care industry.


Project:      Mobile application

Industry:     FinTech / Mobile banking app

FORBIS is a developer of complex banking software. Along with traditional products and services the company offers state-of-the-art technologies for Internet banking, mobile banking, plastic card services, advanced client management system and much more.


Project:      Mobile application

Industry:     Travelling / Booking and ordering

Biletix is one of the pioneers of the Russian travel agencies market. Biletix elaborates on introducing advanced IT and online technologies to help travelers plan their vacations simply and easily, choosing various and interesting options for travelling at affordable prices.

Dr. Julian

Project:     Web application backed by iOS app

Industry:    Healthcare/ Remote services

Dr Julian is an innovative mental health and wellbeing platform, the main aim of which is to increase accessibility to mental healthcare in the UK. The platform connects customers with mental healthcare professionals, such as psychotherapists, counselors, and psychologists, via secure online video sessions and instantaneous messages.

Pendex Gym

Project:     A series of Android apps and a Web service

Industry:    Healthcare / Medicine

In real time, Pendex Gym receives up to 300 biometric measurements each second from each of the Pendex machines distributed all over the world, processing the data collected and then displaying recommendations on how to perform the exercises in the most effective way.

SaaS Crypto Exchange Platform

Project:     Web application

Industry:    Financial, Cryptocurrencies

Crypto Exchange is a secure web platform with an intuitive interface that allows individuals to trade the most popular cryptocurrencies and withdraw them to external wallets. The crypto exchange meets the latest security standards and possess an intuitive interface that allows its users to trade on behalf of themselves, as well as by means of robot API


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