Our Mission

To be a guide for Fin Tech enterprises and startups in the field of global custom software development services.

Our brief History

Omertex was established as a custom software development services company in 2008. Over the years, working with clients all around the globe including the USA, Canada, Russia, South Africa and Germany, we have obtained broad experience in creating and delivering web, mobile and desktop applications.

In 2016 we decided to take a different approach in our business model by trying to focus primarily on projects related to FinTech software applications and solutions, due to the extensive expertise gained in this particular field.

Today, Omertex is a global custom software development services provider for enterprises and startups who need FinTech solutions to be implemented in their applications and IT infrastructure.


Three programmers came up with the idea of founding a full-cycle outsourcing software development company.​


First project was delivered.
The team grew to 7 members.​


With an increasing number of projects, the team needed to grow with the addition of mobile developers.


We won our first projects from EU and US (until 2011 Omertex received orders only from CIS). Share of orders from new markets had reached almost 20% by the end of the year.


The crucial year for the IT industry in Belarus due to geopolitical reasons. Within 2014-2015 years we had to refocus on working with EU & US customers mostly.


A prolific year for the company brought a few opportunities we could take advantage of due to the experience in FinTech we had accumulated over the previous years.


A Blockchain technology explosion and subsequent growth of ICO all over the globe, along with cryptocurrencies hitting record heights, lead to inception of completely novel solutions for FinTech industry. ​

Our Leadership

Dmitry Khanevich sm

Dmitry Khanevich

Founder & CEO
Dmitry is the leader of the company with more than 17 years of experience in the IT industry. Now actively interested in Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies phenomenon.
Natalia Khanevich sm

Natalia Khanevich

Co-owner & COO

Natalia is the sales engine and inspirer, who directs the movement of the company to a bright future and unconditional technical excellence.


Our skillful and experienced team at Omertex is what makes us stand out from the crowd. As we’ve grown professionally throughout the years, we have managed to assemble a team of loyal and skillful IT experts, specializing in delivering state-of-the-art FinTech solutions. By getting Omertex on board, you will receive decades of combined experience and a true partner that you can always count on.
Alexandr Petrusevich
Alexandr Petrusevich

Android Team Lead

Artem Kirsanov small

Artem Kirsanov

Marketing Manager

Ivan Khanevich sm

Ivan Khanevich

Front-end Team Lead

[:en]Daria Tivonenko sm[:]

Daria Tivonenko

HR Head

[:en]Tatiana Yasiuk sm[:]

Tatiana Yasiuk

Android developer

[:en]Margarita Dudkina sm[:]

Margarita Dudkina

Front end Developer

[:en]Alexander Zhukov sm[:]

Alexandr Zhukov

BA team lead

[:en]Stanislav Gurin sm[:]

Stanislav Gurin

Front end Developer

[:en]Anton Friedel sm[:]

Anton Friedel

QA engineer

[:en]Anna Kirienko sm[:]

Anna Kirienko

QA engineer

[:en]Egor Kenda sm[:]

Egor Kenda

.Net developer

[:en]Mihail Kiselev sm[:]

Mikhail Kiselev

QA engineer

[:en]Maxim Beschetvyortny sm[:]

Maxim Beschetvyortny

.Net developer

[:en]Mikhail Seredenko sm[:]

Mikhail Seredenko

Front end developer


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