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Robo-advisors. Digital currencies. Contactless payments.

As an owner of a financial company or bank, you want a fast, easy and secure transaction. This is why undergoing digitization and engaging in FinTech is both necessary and crucial in order to drive in more customers and retain loyal clients. FinTech software development services are technically intricate and require the help of an experienced professional. Various companies call Omertex a reliable partner as we have a massive set of experts with in-depth, unparalleled knowledge as well as high-end tools and technologies.

What is FinTech?

When you use your credit card, Google Wallet, PayPal or Apple Pay to make a purchase online, the banks and the e-commerce retailers behind the money exchange are making use of FinTech. When you go online to look for the suitable mortgage rates for your dream home, that is FinTech.
FinTech (Financial Technology) is generally a technology that's utilized to help companies handle all of the financial aspects of their business (e.g. business models, new applications and software) or applied in financial services. It has long been the basis for an end-to-end transaction process over the Internet thru Cloud services.

Example of FinTech

Today, you can open a bank account online without visiting the bank physically. Linking the account to your mobile device and monitoring your transactions are highly possible. You can also convert your mobile device into a digital wallet and utilize it to pay for things in your account.

FinTech is further shown in the investment and insurance industries. The providers of car insurance sell telematics-based insurance. This insurance monitors your driving with the use of the data accumulated thru a black box fitted in the car or your Smartphone. The data is gathered and used for identifying the total amount you need to pay for your insurance policy.

Possible Benefits

Greater options for services and products because they can be purchased no matter where you live.

FinTech products are a lot quicker and easier for consumers to access and can be delivered online.

Collect and keep more information on clients for more personalized services or products.

Since FinTech companies don't have to invest dollars in a branch network or other physical infrastructure, cheaper deals may be offered.

Possible Risks

Exposure to technology-based risks may be higher. For instance, you might fall victim to cybercrime or your personal information might be used improperly

Financial exclusion, especially for those who do not know yet how to use the devices (tablets, Smartphones and computers) or the Internet

You may potentially make rash decisions since the FinTech products are immediately purchased online without ever meeting the manufacturer or seller personally.

FinTech categories

Personal Finance

Today, people no longer need to visit a traditional bank to get personal finance advice from financial advisors. There are now many programs that provide consumers with financial advice and assistance. For example, we, at Omertex, allow clients to create budgets and offer reliable information with regard to managing personal finances and saving money. We allow you to manage your expenses and income through mobile and web services. With our personal finance software, you can track the amount of money you spend and get help you plan to use your money in a better way.


We let you send money without heading to a traditional bank. We make use of technologies such as blockchain, fingerprints and webcams to process payments in a more cost-efficient manner. We are starting to see a preference switch from credit cards to mobile wallets. Our payment processing software allows you to reap fruitful benefits including: faster automated scaling the employs less workers increased efficiency, and abundant methods of payments, global coverage and etc. that attract more clients.


Thinking that the long lending process disheartens your clients? Our loan origination software is what you need! Now, you don't need to turn to credit unions or banks just to borrow money - all the process can be completed in just a few clicks of a mouse or taps on their Smartphone screens! Customers can easily request loans online and get approved. Using our software means minimizing time to market, improving operational efficiency, automating processes of your business, identifying fraud effectively and improving satisfaction among customers.


A majority of the banking operations over the Web are now allowed to be managed by clients themselves. Voice and face biometrics and other leading-edge technologies are used to enhance the overall experience. Our banking software allows customers to manage their accounts online instead of going to a traditional bank physically. Aside from that, it gives customers quick access to pay bills, view transaction history and so much more. A notification system, report management, messaging/chat and anti-money laundering are among the key features of our online banking software.

Equity Financing

Financial technology companies also transform equity financing for a better transaction process. For example, Omertex makes it very easy and quick for businesses to increase money. We may work with you to link accredited investors with scrutinized start-ups, make use of a crowdfunding model to allow people to invest in a new business or others. We make the process of fundraising simpler on your part.


Omertex uses online solutions such as LOT, data science and mobility software to give a better client experience. Recommendations, personalized offers and dynamic pricing are what we can offer through the information acquired via connected devices, wearables and sensors. Let's say you want to borrow the car of your friend. How could we help you? Simply by allowing you to purchase car insurance for just some hours. Yes, the process won't take much of your time, since we have teamed up with traditional, insurance companies to make it happen.


Using our investment management software, you're able to get investment management data and analytics to help you increase operational dexterity as well as optimize and manage the performance of your investment.The software's key features include: transaction reports, order management, reporting and portfolio accounting.

International Money Transfers

People who are transferring international money as part of their routine know the pain of its costly charge. Traditional, money transfer companies and banks charge up to 8% fees. Expect for large money transfers to have a much higher fee. Adding to the pain is the slow process. We can provide you with less expensive and quicker international money transfers you rightly deserve. In just a few hours, the process would be fully completed!

Who is FinTech for?

Our FinTech software services are ideal for both traditional, finance companies and startups. Often, startups do not look like a traditional, insurance company or bank. FinTech usually, provides specific solutions. Start-ups draw on a labor force that involves traditionally non-financial specializations like IT, computer science, or engineering. Traditional, finance companies, such as insurers and banks, have also increasingly spent funds for FinTech services.

How can Omertex be of the utmost assistance and help with your FinTech needs?

From alternative investment and lending options to payments processing and budgeting tools to cash flow management, you have a lot of reasons why outsourcing FinTech software development, like Omertex, should be on top of your list.

If working in a bank is not really your forte, FinTech is the best solution

We are not generalizing here since there are some who enjoy working at a bank. But, no one can deny how challenging the work is. Yes, low pace work environment, high salaries, stability and safety are guaranteed, but these do not endow creativity or a good place for disruptive innovations, especially start-ups. As a FinTech company owner, innovation is more crucial than before. So our FinTech software services can help as we have access to experienced developers.

Ample new technologies and in-depth know-how

Some financial companies have a hard time being informed with existing and new technologies. A lot of time is badly needed in this extremely risky, complicated, and regulated industry development of new services and products. The struggle is real when a security issue or software bug takes place, which leads to big, financial losses. New tools, technologies and frameworks in IT are quickly developed that could be challenging for every bank to be in touch with recent solutions. Simply get in touch with us if you want to discuss FinTech software development.

Other beneficial reasons

Our FinTech software developers can help improve the overall health of the conventional financial institutions through improving profitability and upgrading performance. Various opportunities start to expand when credit unions and banks partner with Omertex in this journey.

Transferring money, processing loans, securing credit card processing and other industry-particular points of struggles will be addressed easily. Having a strong partnership with us can give you an assurance that managing long and time-consuming tasks will be just a breeze.

Want to know what your consumers are doing with their money? FinTech can help you with that matter too! With the use of the cloud, we can provide you with products and services specifically customized according to your own needs and requirements.

Expect greater convenience!

As an offshore FinTech software development company, we fully utilize mobile connectivity to increase the convenience and efficiency of transactions and the number of individuals who can have access to this type of service. It is now possible for industries and banks to streamline services and offer a better customer experience since you are given the choice to use tablets and Smartphones for managing your finances.

Say goodbye to consumer fraud and say hello to accurate risk and identity assessment

Everyone is surely worried about their personal data and privacy when engaging in online transactions. Not to mention, the issue of unauthorized personal information access, money laundering and stolen identities.

Omertex will be able to send live data feeds that will more precisely authenticate the financial portfolios and identities of clients. This will eventually give consumers real peace of mind in using this form of financial service. Encryption, biometric data and tokenization are among the innovative, security options we can provide.

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