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If you are looking for lending software solutions to assist your financial organization in managing complex risk calculations and regulative compliance requirements, you’ve come to the right place. At Omertex, we develop and implement financial technology solutions for digital banking, retail lending providers, payment industry, and supply chain financing companies.

The retail lending software solutions we offer allow enterprises and/or startups to keep up to speed with market demands, changing financial and security regulations, and disruptive new technologies. If needed, our development teams are able to empower financial software applications with innovative technologies such as distributed ledger (IBM hyperledger, Blockchain, or Ethereum), big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

For financial companies who find out of the box solutions limit their needs, custom software development services are the only way to go. Customized solutions allow you to overcome those limits while giving you the ability to utilize commercial loan software to advance operational efficiency, reduce costs, automate compliance, and provide full visibility to even the foremost complicated corporate loans across all business units and back-end systems.

Commercial Banks

The availability of new technologies and the desire of banks to access more data (among other factors) has led to clients demanding a more customized, immediate, and frictionless banking practice. Our lending software enables commercial banks to serve their corporate, retail, and investment clients using smart software solutions by offering a better, more personalized, and secure banking experience via the web or mobile applications.

Finding wholesale and commercial banking systems that are best suited to your needs is easy with custom design lending software. We are always up-to-date with information on commercial banking systems in the financial sector, even credit administration solutions and trade finance systems, so we can offer you software that is best suited for your bank.

Omertex software solutions are created to meet banks’ needs for business intelligence, portfolio management, commercial lending origination, underwriting and workflow, loan accounting, loan sales and loan trade order management, research management, and data warehouse reporting. The lending software can be configured to model any business process, store any data, integrate with any system, and provide transparency for all of the above in any format.

Mortgage Banks

With loan boarding through payoff, the lending software streamlines the entire servicing process so you can support borrower or investor needs with confidence. With mortgage loan lending software, all divisions work together to enhance the focus on the client and improve operational effectiveness while decreasing the overall cost of service.

You can build the system you need to improve every aspect of your servicing procedure. The lending software that we offer for mortgage banks is a complete servicing system that handles all types of loans and offers escrow account servicing, as well as annual analysis and reporting.

A current challenge for you may be the volume and complexity of paperwork needed to originate, close, and service the loan. You can’t rely on old-school systems to keep up with providers who use modern banking software for a faster and simpler experience.

With Omertex, you get a cutting-edge software with an account management system that gives the level of automation and credit scoring that is required to reduce processing time, precisely quote rates based on risk parameters dictated by the secondary market, and provide the highest level of cyber security for your customers' private data.

The software allows mortgage banks to maintain the bare minimum support staff without affecting the volume of loans that it is likely to generate. It is tailor-made to keep up with the challenges of a mortgage industry such as the global outreach (creating a customer-base on foreign lands), processing an enormous amount of data day in and day out, and always being in sync with the constantly evolving regulations.

Mortgage Brokers

These days the job of the mortgage broker working in different financial organizations is almost impossible without the use of advanced computer software. We can offer various software solutions to assist and guide you through all of your everyday tasks, including searching for loans, dealing with customers, and communicating with banks and other financial institutions.

The lending software makes mortgage brokers’ tasks much more flexible. At Omertex, we develop and suggest software that spare you the trouble of going through difficult procedures, which is only possible thanks to our customized solutions.

The software solutions were designed specifically with an eye on the ever-burgeoning mortgage industry and enables mortgage brokers to operate in an organized manner. It is also immensely helpful in keeping track of the latest business status. The software has also proved its utility by easing the process of reaching to perspective and past customers by doing so automatically.

Automated strategies are a novel feature of the lending software that helps mortgage brokers in managing customer relationships in an efficient manner. Promoting customer service is another unique aspect of the software. These strategies go a long way in facilitating mortgage brokers to generate repeat and referral business with ease and, over the course of time, attracting customers with their efficient dealings.

Finance Companies

Operating an efficient and profitable finance company is easier when you have our software solutions at your fingertips. In addition to boarding loans, understanding risks, making calculations, taking payments, and all the other essentials of finance company services, we also provide you with a system that can assist you in effectively managing your receivables and lessen delinquencies. Indeed, at the heart of every prosperous finance company is an amazing collections team and methods that yield results. This is where Omertex landing software really shines.

Our software not only assists in facilitating your underwriting actions and processing approved loans, but it also provides you access to tools that help you manage and secure your receivables. Our software solutions give you more power, queueing delinquent accounts based on any criteria you set. Then you can automatically assign them to your collections team where they can enter appropriate data and schedule promises to pay.

Furthermore, we grant you access to custom reporting, accounting, repo-processing, and extra functionality, giving you a complete technology solution for all of your finance company services.

Our portfolio of solutions can be tailored to your finance company’s specific needs, giving you the abilities and information that you need to do business your way. All of our solutions are fully integrated, including our reporting and accounting solutions, giving you an easy way to streamline and manage each of your business operations.

Credit Unions

Credit unions pride themselves on the personal relationships they have with their community. Our software solutions include features that can help you keep track of customer conversations, send tailored emails and letters, link scanned documents, and schedule appointments.

You provide tailored financial services to individuals and small organizations. Therefore, we have built in a wide range of product definition parameters that can be combined in many different ways to enable you to tailor a product that responds to your customers’ needs – and we made it simple and straightforward so that you can design new products yourself.

Producing regulatory and association reports can be complex and time-consuming. The lending software can have reports already inbuilt, and the monitoring systems can be quick and easy using our flexible report writing tool that can export to various applications like Microsoft Excel.

With increasing competition from banks and payday lenders, many credit unions are either opening new branches or joining forces to serve a wider group. Our lending software solutions allow you to add new branches or join credit unions together with the ability for any client to walk into any office and be served.

Online Lending Companies

The lending software for startups and enterprises provides a unique decision engine which fuels your online lending business with the ability to quickly originate loans, service existing accounts, provide access to the tools you need to manage your whole portfolio, and a user-friendly website.

If you need a computer system that is custom built for your company, our lending software solution gives you the features you need, when you need them.

You don't need a lending software that was developed for a single loan type, you need a lending software that can be perfectly configured for your company. Whether you give auto loans, consumer loans, real estate loans, mortgage loans, boat loans, title loans, medical loans, or almost any other type of loans, our software solutions can really ease your work.

The lending software can offer an online application that you can customize to your needs. This is the simplest way to get a loan and customer data into the system. Just pick the information you want to collect and what will be required.

Your application can be viewed from the customer-facing website we provide or quickly embed on your own website. The software we offer helps you service your loans by automating your routine communications tasks. You can choose to create template messages and have the system send them out automatically based on loan events like when payments are made, when the loan becomes delinquent, or when a credit card expires, just to name a few. It can also provide a customer-facing website where your customers can log in and view their loan data.

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