Information technology partner for Startups

Running a startup in changing times?

As you strive to help your new company adapt to fast-paced developments, it’s essential to have a technology partner with the right expertise on board. Whether you come with or without a technical background, an IT technology partner aims to help employ software solutions, including Fintech ones, in your startup web or mobile applications.
Our company has deep expertise in building software applications and outsourcing startup development. Reach out to us to discuss how we can get you into long-lasting relationships with your prospects, while maintaining consistent communication.

A technology partner may be just what you need.

Tech support for startups-can be of utmost utility, most especially when you are a non-technical business owner aiming to create a technical product for the sake of your customers. Getting up to speed on tech related concepts via your tech partner can help you translate such products’ potential market performance into discussions with investors and business partners.

Having a seamless and easy-to-use application in your business contributes to the creation of an excellent user experience. Allowing you to positively reinforce and maintain ease of interaction and thus indirectly bolster rapport with customers. It forms an extra pillar that further undergirds the integrity of your brand and what it has to offer.

Engaging a qualified fintech startup IT technical consultant can be advantageous for your team, enabling them to focus more on the actual details and operations of your business. If increasing productivity and efficiently maximizing your attention are a priority for your startup going forward, we may be able to assist in creating that space.

What can be expected from a technology partner

When employing a startup IT technical consultant service, it is essential to inquire about the moves you can expect to be employed whenever your business grows in the future. In this way, you can see and feel how passionate we are about our work
A tech consultancy worth its salt should have the initiative to do more than only follow instructions. Indeed it should proactively contribute some ideas and effectively determine your technological needs

To sustain your business FinTech needs, it is no longer sufficient to have committed, hardworking digital technology partners. They should have the skills and expertise that prove their efficiency at work. Regardless of the tech standards, they should be able to keep themselves in the know regarding emerging trends.

The IT technology partners at Omertex are innovative and open to changes. We aim to be creative problem solvers in finding the right options to get the resources that your startup needs. We get things done efficiently while making sure to adhere to all required deadlines.

How a tech partner can contribute in the future when your startup starts to expand

Information technology partner should consistently understand your expectations and communicate with you, especially if there are further developments that need handling for your business to stay up to date and keep up with high standards. We make sure that we meet your time-frames and goals without sacrificing the quality of work done.

Outsourcing development for startups is an important approach in properly maintaining your applications and ensure they are working well. Customers are expecting them to consistently meet their needs and make your products and services accessible anytime, anywhere. While your business is expanding, your tech partner can make sure that the software is meeting the demands of the users.

Where to look for a technology partner and why you might need one

A software outsourcing company is a cost-effective way of finding a technology partner for your startup, so your business stays competitive in the emerging trends while being productive as you focus on formulating strategies to make it grow. Outsourcing allows you to run different applications on a limited budget.
Omertex can help you leverage your functions, although certain situations may require you to downsize or expand some elements of your business. This may save time training new staff whenever innovation alters the terrain, because we already have software developers who are adaptable to the any changes in technology. They can meet tight deadlines if you want to launch an app quickly without compromising its quality and functionality

Why choose Omertex?

Omertex is a team of professional experts specializing in mobile app development, web application development, and custom software development - considered to be the basic needs of a business. If you want your startup to grow and meet the industry’s demands, the startup IT technical consultants of Omertex Technologies can offer valuable tools and strategy that will leverage your services.

The firm offers custom software developments specially tailored to your business needs. Omertex provides FinTech solutions with expertise related to this field. We have a solid understanding of the technology, processes resulting in a viable outcome, and real knowledge about the priorities in need of addressing.

Development methodologies

Obviously, businesses should use development methodologies that will allow them to move fast enough to cope up with changes in the state of technology. But how can you identify which method is right for your startup? Let’s take a look at the difference between the respective approaches of agile, scrum, and waterfall to keep you on the right track before you finalize your decision. As your technology partner, we can offer suggestions on how each of these methods is effective depending on your business demands. We will make sure that the one you choose can sustain a growing startup whenever innovations exist.



The agile methodology allows the team of technical professionals to bypass traditional processes in developing more projects while consuming lesser time.



Scrum methodology, on the other hand, offers flexible methods where the processes are carefully planned, and progress is assessed. The projects being done rely on real analysis and not on predictions.



Finally, the waterfall methodology is a traditional approach wherein the methods being followed include sequences that should be done first before another stage begins. It may also happen that the customer will review the specifications of software before the developer can start the design phase.

The Omertex Team

As your professional information technology partner, the Omertex Team consists of highly-qualified individuals, from software developers to FinTech startup IT technology consultants and reliable digital technology partners. They are responsible for making it easy for users to navigate the software or applications they develop. They are not just focused on the features of the product they created, but they also make sure it is beneficial for both the business and their prospective clients.

As IT partners for startups, we initiate constant communication to your startup ensuring the business reaches its goals. We are not only focused on the given instructions, but also using our knowledge and experience to ensure that the software aids in convenient communication between customers and business.

At Omertex we only employ highly-qualified individuals possessing in-depth knowledge surrounding the latest innovations in development technologies. The aim is always to provide solutions based on real analysis gathered from each stage of development. This level of performance not only advantages the startup, but the majority of improvements made carry over to benefit your loyal customers.

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