Growth marketing

At Omertex, the range of offers is not limited to high-quality software development or consulting services only. Having accumulated our rich expertise in growth marketing and successful product launch, we are here to support your project at any stage of its life cycle: from just an idea to market release and further and expansion. We do our best to help small startup and large businesses to achieve their goals and conquer new peaks.
Who our services targeted at?
· Startups that are just at the very beginning of their way;
· Enterprises and organizations of all sizes that want to build or strengthen their brand online;
· Companies that are interested in lead generation, conversion optimization and traffic growth;
· Businesses that have an aim to achieve an increase in sales via digital marketing tools.

What do we do?

Though we can provide any of our services separately, the concept of growth marketing presupposes a complex of actions aimed at fast and sustainable business progress.
When digital marketing tools entered the game, there appeared a wide range of opportunities to increase brand awareness and let your potential users or clients find your offers. However, it doesn’t mean that you should use all the tools available. The principle “the more - the better” doesn’t work here. Businesses are interested in ROI increase and that’s exactly what we can ensure.

We can help you with:

Concept development


Increase in your brand/software visibility

Users/clients attraction

Paid online advertising

Search engine marketing

Mobile app marketing and ASO

Web development and design

Deep analytics of the ongoing marketing growth results

Strategy development

How can your business growth be achieved?

When it comes to marketing, there is no solution that fits all. All projects and products are too different (even if they seem practically the same). Each of them has its personality and if you want to efficiently promote your business, you need a strategy that is built on the results of deep preliminary analysis.

We always need to study what product/business we work with, what is special about it and who are its potential users. But it is not a full list of factors that we need to consider.

To achieve the most ambitious business goals and to do it fast, a marketing campaign should be developed strategically. It is crucial to focus the attention on such issues as:
· choice of platform (or platforms) for interaction with potential users;
· identification of the right target audience;
· format of advertising and creation of working content for it.

To make it easier to track the performance we offer to set fully measurable goals like the precise number of sales, leads, downloads, visits, clicks, etc. that you want t get.

It is important to always have a broader picture. It is highly recommended to create not only long-term goals but short-term as well. You need to see how your business is moving towards its greatest milestones. And in this way, small achievements also matter.

Why does our approach work?

We are more than a traditional software development company or a digital marketing agency. We focus on the creation and realization of growth marketing strategies based on the specifics of your product and its users.

Long-term results as priorities.

Though we always say that short-term goals are important, their achievement can’t be viewed as a sign of overall success. The strategy should be built for the future, not only for the present. We want to ensure your business prosperity for many years from now and long-term goals help us to see the direction.

Deep understanding of the subject

We know how software products work, what value they can bring and why users may need them. Our team always carefully analyze the specificity of each project. Thanks to that we can develop marketing strategies that fully reflect the personality of your brand and project.


We always attentively analyze the ongoing results and are ready to introduce changes to our strategy if needed.

No matter whether you are just entering the market or are an experienced player already, growth marketing services will become a real booster for your business. But what is even more pleasant - it will not take long to see the first outcomes. Your investments will definitely pay off.
If you have any questions to our experts, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about our approaches.

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