IT technical consultant for your Startup

Omertex is proud to offer customers assistance with their technical needs, including providing an IT consultant for your startup. We want to be sure that your company excels in your field, so we take the time to approach IT differently. This means meeting with you and learning about your industry specific needs and challenges before going ahead with any work. We are happy to offer a wide range of services to ensure your success throughout all stages of the startup process.

Why do you need a Startup IT consultant?

In today’s competitive, global and primarily online marketplace, having a startup IT consultant is crucial. Outsourcing startup development is a great way to ensure that your IT and software needs are met while still giving you the time to focus on other areas of your business.

Omertex brings years of experience in the field to our focus on FinTech companies. This means you can trust us with your web, mobile app and software needs and feel confident in the delivered product. We are with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and engaged throughout the entire development process.

Hiring an IT professional can also keep your IT data as secure as possible. Hacks and breaches are all too common and without proper security, you too could find yourself a victim. Even for established companies, this is horrible for business. For a startup, it could potentially be devastating. At Omertex, we take all necessary steps and go beyond them to ensure that your apps are secure and that your data remains as safe as possible.

What can an IT services provider for Startups do for you?

There are numerous services that an IT services provider can provide for you and your startup company. Here at Omertex, we are happy to offer our clients the following:

Custom software

Web application

Mobile app

One of the biggest advantages to outsourcing your software development is knowing that the final product can be tailored to suit your unique needs. There is no need to struggle with programs that are not quite right or to make your staff members enter the same information in multiple databases. Our IT consultants meet with you to determine your needs, creating a solution customized for your business.

In addition to writing and developing software tailored to your needs, we can also revamp or modify existing programs. In many cases, our clients have an existing program that once worked, but is now outdated or clumsy thanks to expansion or other recent business success. Instead of trying to find a new program or have one developed, we are happy to work with your existing code, revamping it to suit your current needs.

Hiring an IT technical consultant for your Startup

When you hire an IT technical consultant for your startup, be sure to focus on real world experience. Mobile app development and well-done web application development do not happen without a lot of training and years on the job.

At Omertex, we have been in the IT consulting and software development industry for over 10 years, focusing on FinTech in the last two. This makes us your ideal choice for all your IT needs. Being on the scene for this long has given us the skills we need to thrive, including the tools necessary to stay on top of all the latest in the industry. In a field like web and app development, the landscape is constantly changing. Our technicians pride themselves on being experts at their jobs, always staying current and never operating with outdated information or technology.

What to look for in a technical advisor for Startup?

There are a few things best looked for when hiring a technical advisor for startups and software developers. Aside from experience, you also want to be sure you choose a company or an advisor who understands your business. At Omertex, we have started focusing on FinTech, thanks to extensive experience in the industry. This focus has made us experts in the field. Our intimate knowledge equips us to better advise you, as we are already familiar with the terms, needs, and elements necessary for success.

Another must is locating a consultant you get along with and trust. The company you choose to keep is going to be with you for quite some time and plays a major role in the success of your startup. At Omertex, we are proud to have some of the best service representatives in the industry. Each one is happy to meet with our customers to determine their needs, explain a product, or to answer questions. We pride ourselves on never being pushy, and always working to meet your goals. We are with you for every step of the process, from program inception to successful use.

When to hire a Startup consulting company/advisor?

The best time to hire a startup consulting company/advisor is as early as possible. You do not want to leave this critical component of your company until the last minute or worse, right before you decide to launch. This is true for all companies, even if you are operating a lean startup. Budgeting your money is important for smaller companies but investing in your IT pays off immensely.

Here at Omertex we have experience working with companies of every size, including modestly funded startups. We know that creating a company from the ground up is hard work and costly, which is why we pride ourselves on our friendly and non-pushy approach to doing business. We simply want to be sure that your organization thrives in whatever way is best given your unique needs. By looking into our services ahead of time you can wind up saving a lot of time or money by outsourcing something you may not be able to figure out or complete on your own. It also gives us a chance to work with you throughout the startup process, offering valuable IT advice along the way.

Hiring your advisor early on also empowers you with plenty of time to provide feedback. For example, our technicians may have written the perfect program, but you would prefer the main font to be a different shade. In other cases, the program we provide may inspire you to ask for additional services prior to your launch, such as a mobile app to compliment your web one.

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The best time to hire a startup consulting company/advisor is as early as possible. You do not want to leave this critical component

We’ve been working with clients across the globe for over a decade, giving us expansive experience in creating mobile, desktop, and web applications that shine.

We are an IT technical partner for FinTech startup companies that you can rely on, thanks to our recent specialization in this field.

Our goal is to deliver you a high-quality software product, whether it be a mobile app, a web app, a custom program, or a combination of all three. We are here to serve you, to help you make doing business easier.

Contact us today to see what we can for you, to find out about additional services, or to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled tech advisors.

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