Cross-platform mobile app development

What is a cross-platform app? A cross-platform mobile application is the one that can run on both Android and iOS mobile phones. Cross-platform apps fall into the category of hybrid mobile apps and web-based or mobile web apps.

Looking for a mobile app development company to build a cross-platform mobile app for your business? At Omertex, we provide high-quality mobile app development services including native and cross-platform mobile app development for Android and iOS platforms.

You can approach us for our knowledge and expertise in Android and iPhone app development at any stage of your app development, including the initial one where you may be looking for a consultation.

Who do we build
cross-platform mobile
apps for?

When providing cross-platform app development services, our development teams aim to create really valuable products for the industries that we work with, which include:

  • blockchain and crypto
  • payment and money transfer
  • real estate and asset management
  • banking
  • lending
  • insurance
  • and other FinTech segments...

That’s why, for each development process, we begin with a deep analysis. We’ll carefully study all the requirements to your sphere and your business in order to foresee pitfalls and to suggest the best solutions. Namely, such an approach allows us to build mobile apps (including cross-platform ones) that bring value to your business and your customers.

Benefits of choosing
a cross-platform mobile app

Below are the benefits you receive when you choose for your app to be a cross-platform one:

Cost saving

Cross-platform app development allows you to reduce development costs. This is the key benefit of such an app. Ordering a native mobile app to be separately developed for Android and iPhone devices means that you’re ordering the development of two mobile applications rather than one. But ordering a cross-platform app means that you’ll only have to pay for one app. This is because the same source code will be run on both Android phones and iPhones.

Faster delivery

As pointed out above, it is faster to build one mobile application than it is to hire Android and iPhone app developers separately. Ordering cross-platform app development allows you to cut the time required for analysis, designing UX and UI, development and quality assurance nearly in half! It is also far more manageable for you since you will spend less time communicating with one development team than two separate ones.

Truly Native UI

The tools and technologies used by our mobile app development experts allow them to create cross-platform or hybrid mobile apps that feel and look native on Android and iOS operating systems.

Live App Updates

The cross-platform app development framework Ionic lets you update the UI and business logic of your app remotely, in real-time. Push updates directly to end users to instantly fix bugs and ship new features without the trouble of going through the app store.

App enhancement and support

When you have a cross-platform app built with a single code base, it is much easier and cheaper to maintain your application and to add new functionality with the help of reusable code and components than it is to do the same with separate apps. As a result, cross-platform apps turn out to be absolutely time and cost-effective solutions.

Cross-platform technologies
consulting services

If you want to discuss some considerations regarding the mobile app or if you are interested in learning more about our approaches to cross-platform mobile app development (including hybrid and web-based app development), you are welcome. Before proceeding to mobile app development, our specialists are ready to provide you with a professional consultation. After discussing your demands and expectations, we will be able to find the most appropriate cross-platform solutions within your budget.

Frameworks used to build
cross-platform mobile apps


React Native

Delphi FMX







In our company, we turn to the most advanced of them. We can offer you the following cross-platform app development services:

React native

App development


App development


App development

How we build cross-platform
mobile apps

At Omertex, we provide a full cycle of the services traditionally offered by a mobile app development company. We take mobile app development extremely seriously and want to achieve the highest level of our customers' satisfaction. If our work starts at the stage when your app is just an idea, it does not stop until your app is successfully released. You can also approach us with an already existing mobile app if you are looking to enhance it or looking for a new vendor.

The cross-platform app development process includes the following steps:

Software specification (the collection and analysis of the requirements)

Before starting their work, developers need to have a clear understanding of what kind of product you want to get. That’s why we pay very special attention to this step of mobile application development. We attentively listen to our customers in order to get as many details about their ideas as possible. We share our vision and discuss with them all of the possible ways to bring their ideas to life.

App architecture designing

Throughout this stage, our mobile app developers strictly follow all the functional and business requirements previously gathered. They define the way your app will perform its tasks, how it will interact with users, and how it will interact with other software. Our mobile app developers work hard to find the most appropriate approach to organize data processing and elaborate on other solutions related to the app’s functioning.

UI/UX designing

When we figure out how your app will function, it is necessary to decide how it will look. The main task for our professional development team is to make it both attractive and intuitively clear for users. If you want to control all the steps of this process, we are always open for communication and are ready to answer all your questions, as well as to implement updates concerning customized user interface design and other aspects.


This step is pretty much self-explanatory. Just leave it to us.

Testing and Quality assurance

When the app is ready, it’s time to test it and to check that it is functioning properly. You can be sure that all bugs (if any) will be fixed at this stage.

Post-development support and app maintenance

If you think that our role as your cross-platform mobile app development company ends immediately after testing, think again. We are always ready to help you with updating your app and expanding its functionality in order to meet the constantly changing market needs.

Why should you choose
Omertex for cross-platform
app development?

  • We have been building mobile apps since 2010 and cross-platform mobile apps since 2014.
  • We can help you refine your app idea.
  • You can contact us for consultations regarding all types of cross-platform mobile apps development.
  • We offer our mobile app development services to companies and businesses from all over the globe.
  • We’re a full-service mobile app development company.
  • We always follow deadlines to deliver apps within the approved timelines.
  • We never stop learning and we are constantly enhancing our skills and knowledge in mobile app development.
  • As an app development company, we respect the interests of our clients and offer the most cost-efficient solutions.
  • Our services extend beyond cross-platform mobile app development. We can also help you market your app or back your business with a web app.
  • The main goal that we set for ourselves when it comes to the cross-platform app development is to make the final product absolutely reliable and user-friendly.

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