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Branding is not only about a logo or colors chosen for your website or app. It’s about emotions and perception of your product by users. This applies to any product and software ones are not an exception.
Branding is a complex of numerous factors that can’t be viewed separately as users always evaluate a product as a whole.

What factors matter:

Name of your product


User experience

Color schemes

Design styles


Ton and voice

The aim of branding is to create a personality of your product, its distant style, and emotional connections.
Of course, the elaboration of the right strategy, as well as the process of brand building, requires time, attention, and efforts. However, it’s worth it.

What issues to consider for efficient software branding?

To build the right brand for your product you need to find answers to a list of questions.

· Who are the users of your product?
· What problem should your app address?
· Why is your product unique?
· What visual representation does your app have? How can your colors, logo, and images to transfer the core message?
· What emotions do you expect your users to have?
· How do you want to communicate with users?

These questions will help you to understand what approaches you should choose to development of your software product, its design, and promotion. That’s why it will be rather sensible to find the answers to them before the development and design process starts.

Why branding is important for a software product?

As we’ve already mentioned branding is important for any company or product regardless of the industry under consideration. And here is why:

Powerful branding ensures excellent recognition.

A brand is something that helps your users, either existing or potential, differentiate your product from hundreds of others. When you see a square divided into four equal parts (orange, green, blue, yellow), what associations do you have in your mind? The majority of people will immediately say that we are talking about Microsoft. The stronger recognition your brand has achieved, the higher chances you have to shape excellent awareness among the users. As a result, with the growth of awareness, the acquisition rate will also increase.

Branding leads to clearer advertising.

If you are launching software for an external audience, it is obvious that you need to develop an advertising strategy. And with a well-thought-out branding, you will have a solid ground for positioning and advertising your product in this or that way. It will not only facilitate your task here, but it will also make your ads sound weighty.

Branding gives you an additional competitive advantage.

Today the market of software products is overcrowded. And one of the best ways to stand out and to be noticed is to show how your product differs from others. Your existing and potential users should clearly identify your product from a row of similar ones. That's exactly what you can achieve by building your brand.

With a well-developed brand, you can easily win customer loyalty.

As we’ve mentioned, branding is about emotions. If users have positive experience related to the identity of your product (including those impressions that are formed with the help of visual elements), they will stay more loyal during the interaction with your software. As a result, this positive experience associated with your product will encourage users to stay with you.

If users have positive associations with your product, they will need less time to buy (or download) it.

When it comes to broader markets, we say that branding helps to make sales cycles shorter. If your brand is known to people, you don't need to spend time convincing them to purchase your product (or start using it). Meanwhile, they also do not need to spend their time studying your offer, so that they can make a decision just within a couple of minutes which also adds positive associations to their experience.

If you want to create a software product, or already have one, and need any assistance in its branding, the Omertex experts are always at your service. With rich expertise in launching successful projects, we will help you to find the most suitable strategy and create a unique brand for your app. Strong branding is the key to users’ hearts!

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