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Crypto Exchange SaaS Platfrom

A reliable European cryptocurrency exchange platform.


Crypto Exchange is a web platform that allows cryptocurrency trading. Due to legitimization of using cryptocurrencies in one of European countries (Belarus), we were approached by a resident company with the project of developing a crypto exchange, since we are one of the leading members of the Belarusian blockchain association and possess the appropriate expertise to be capable to deliver such kind of a project.

Collaboration in numbers


$100,000 to $150,000

Team size :

6 People

Periods of engagement:

Dec 2017 – ongoing

Client’s location:

Client’s location – Belarus, Eastern Europe


The client is a fresh Belarusian company that is making their way into the global crypto business. They asked us to build a trading platform (a web application) that meets the latest security standards and possess an intuitive interface that allows its users to trade on behalf of themselves, as well as by means of robot API. The platform would also need to support 6 of the most popular cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum classic (ETC)

Dash (DASH)

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Bitcoin cash (BCH)

The features:

Advanced technologies for user verification.

Interface based on UX / UI of the users.

Different types of encryption.

Documented robot API.

Human security and control support aims to identify the origin of funds and track suspicious behavior, included experts with extensive experience in the financial, banking, and cryptographic sectors.

High bid processing speed.

Cryptocurrency support: btc, eth, etc, dash, btg, bch.

Project objectives

  • Create a full-fledged product that could be subsequently distributed under a license
  • Provide basic functionality since the client funded the whole development with their own money
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Know your client (KYC) verification
  • Provide high security of the wallets belonging to the exchange


For identity verification purposes, a reliable KYC service called Sumsub was integrated with the system. Users’ personal data is processed and stored in a powerful data center, which in terms of reliability and fault tolerance meets the requirements of the Tier III standard according to the Uptime Institute classification and the TIA-942 standard. It also has PCI DSS certification.

We designed a simple and straightforward user interface and enhanced it with powerful visual components, such as TradingView graphs with flexible display settings.

To ensure money laundering regulatory requirements, we assembled a team of experts in the financial, banking, and cryptographic areas who consulted the development team regarding the features and functionality of the back office in order to provide the required level of security. For instance, when a user wishes to withdraw cryptocurrency from the exchange to an external wallet, a withdrawal request is sent to the back office where an operator considers the possibility of performing the operation with its relation to legitimity, limits and security. If the operation meets the requirements, the operator confirms it.

We developed an API to automate trading operations using security approaches. This means that it is possible to program a logic (a bot) that will perform trading on behalf of the user in automatic mode in accordance with the logic. Using security approaches means that in order to control the bot, one must know the bot’s API_KEY to be able to sign its actions with the user’s signature.

High operating speed of the system is ensured with the latest technologies in the field of software development, such as an asynchronous framework AIOHTTP.

The system is easily scalable, thus ensuring a quick connection of additional cryptocurrencies or tokens.


To fulfill all the set tasks, we used the following techs:

Server side:

Microservice architecture (main programming language is Python 3.6)


Cloud solutions:

DigitalOcean, AWS









Django, AIOHTTP, Flask





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