We are Six Years Old Now. Congrats!

September 30 16.00

We are Six Years Old Now. Congrats!

On the cosmic scale this period of time is infinitely small. The universe could hardly sneeze, not to mention the possibility of a planet creation, that is impossible! 6 years is a decent age for some living creatures. Cats and dogs at this age begin to turn gray and acquire “new” features: an imposing gait, long sleep, and sniffy look. Animal centenarians at this age are still “kids”, but some fauna representatives do not survive 6 years at all. If we speak about plants, 6 years is the age of adolescence for most trees. They are just beginning to bear fruit, look puny and require human care and attention.

And what about humans? Well, here we have a place to roam imagination! In several developing countries, girls at 6 years are getting married, and boys are working for 12 hours along with other 12-years-old “men.” In several Western countries, in the advanced democracies, parents can face trial if a 6-year-old crumb is left alone at home for at least 10 minutes. In former USSR countries children at this age are somewhere between these two extremes: they go to school and do simple chores, but if you leave them home alone, then you’ll lose the house, it will just be “smashed.”

And the business? There are a lot of new and, what’s more important, “one day” companies. To grow the business for a year is widely considered too much of significance. While 6 years is a whole lot — a solid company with its range of clients, clear goals and plans, and a strong team. The 1st crises are already behind, the search for specific people is an established HR procedure, the market niche is found and approved, etc. It’s high time to grow further, discover new horizons, put audacious goals, and achieve international results!

September 30, OMERTEX celebrated its 6th anniversary and we are happy to share it with you. Our crew is a single organism. And we would like to wish to ourselves on this important date — let's keep it rolling! And strength be with us.